Dissertation writing

Very often, aspiring applicants are so zealous in writing a candidate paper that they completely forget about such an important characteristic as the volume of the finished study. Naturally, every young scientist wants to show his abilities and tell in detail about his scientific experiments. On the one hand, such zeal is a wonderful feature of a graduate student, and on the other, it is a prerequisite for additional work in the future on the forced reduction of the text.

In fact, it is very easy to avoid wasting time before defense – you should study the methodological materials and requirements in detail. They detail all the requirements for candidate papers, including size, font style and line spacing. It is advisable to remember these numbers, as they are a guideline in writing candidate paper.

It is noteworthy that the requirements for the volume of the dissertation vary significantly. Naturally, for technical and humanitarian disciplines the number of pages will be different. Since the studies of engineers, physicists and mathematicians require a dry exposition, a large number of formulas and drawings, the allowable amount of paper text should not exceed 100-150 pages. Additionally, the placement of tables, illustrations, applications on demonstration sheets of the A3 format is allowed.

It is rather difficult for future candidates of philology and humanities to fit into such a framework. The specifics of their disciplines are in a detailed study, demonstration of language proficiency. Unlike a clear indication of the scope of the dissertation, no one gives any recommendations on how to calculate such a volume. This creates confusion both among applicants and among members of the certification committee. Therefore, the responsibility for the method of calculating the amount of work lies with the department or university, on the basis of which the defense takes place.

In practice, there are several ways to count:

  1. volume of the main text excluding the list of references;
  2. volume of text, taking into account the list of references;
  3. paper volume with applications.

Based on the absence of the calculation criterion, we can conclude that this parameter is not significant. As practice shows, the commission is fairly calm about minor inaccuracies in the number of pages. For example, if the paper is already very good and meets all the requirements of the commission, then they simply turn a blind eye to the lack or excess of pages. In specialized centers you can order dissertation writing that will meet all the requirements.